Installation of IZEcoin payment plugin is really easy and follow the same rules as of other wordpress plugins installations.

Using FTP:

Upload directory
"izecoin-woocommerce-payment-gateway" under wp-content -> plugins using your FTP

Using wordpress plugin manager:

Simply open Plugins -> Add New click "Upload Plugin" on this page and click "Browse file" to select the downloaded plugin zip file.

and click on "Activate" link under "IZEcoin-woocommerce-payment-gateway".

after this, page will refresh and now click on "Settings"


After uploading using FTP or using wordpress admin panel just go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins and click on "Activate" link under "IZEcoin-woocommerce-payment-gateway"

After this page will refresh and now click on "Settings", this will take you to payment gateway configuration page

Now make sure

1. Enable / Disable is checked to enable this plugin
2. You have you valid "Wallet Name:"
3. You have your sponsor name

after adding these information click on "Save changes" and you are good to go.

How it will work on your store frontend:

As you will be good with configuration, payment method will be available on your checkout page

Customer will check IZE coin radio button to pay with IZEcoin wallet, as customer will click on "Place order" button, plugin will take him to a page with a QR code to scan to page or He can click on a link to pay.

plugin will take him to "" where after login he can pay in IZEcoin.
After successful payment, "" return to your site and plugin will change your order status to "Processing".

You can change this status to "Complete" after delivering product.