White Paper


Coding = x13, using POS 2.0 (Proof of Stake)

Minimum Stake Age= 12 hours (The time it takes for coins to start staking when they arrive to the wallet)

Coinbase Maturity = 100 (The number of blocks coins stay "locked" after staking before they can stake again)

Block Time = 1 minute (How long it takes for each block to confirm on the block-chain)


IZEcoin (IZE) is a fast open-source cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain. The IZEcoin size is 64.000.000 coins (sixty-four million), all pre-mined, will be given away to almost 88%. The last 12% stay for the ongoing development of the coin.

IZEcoin is the pay coin of choice for the “24seven-global-business Network EcoSystem”. The EcoSystem comprises corporate, business and retail partners who will accept the IZEcoin and promote the coin to their customers as a pay and reward option.

IZEcoin was created to become a visible part of the new global cryptocurrency EcoSystem by meeting and surpassing its requirements well into the foreseeable future. IZEcoin aims to grow its presence in the marketplace by introducing the coin into a range of different industries, creating a high demand for the coin.

IZEcoin provides all coin holders the ability to mint up to 5% additional coins per annum, on all their stake coin value for 10 years (until July 2027). Coin holders could benefit from the price of IZEcoin, and will also be able to increase their coin portfolio every year. Users do not have to purchase expensive mining equipment to get the most out of their coins.

Terms & Conditions:

By purchasing IZEcoin you are purchasing a cryptocurrency. You are in no way purchasing shares of, nor investing in any specific company or project. IZEcoin will be a cryptocurrency that can be traded on public exchanges where listed and sent between IZEcoin wallets/users as a means of transacting monetary value.

The price of IZEcoin will be determined by public demand, on a live market, where there is buy and sell trades for IZEcoin and other currencies. The developers have no control over the price of IZEcoin after the release of the coins to the public exchange. As with all cryptocurrencies that are publicly traded there will likely be price speculation and the value of IZEcoin may rise or fall as users buy and sell their coins.

As the coin Administrators, through the known development process, we have an expectation that IZEcoin may become more valuable over-time, as storage of coins on more and more wallets occurs. We are not able to guarantee any profits or that the value of the coin will increase. We have no guarantee that our retail EcoSystem will affect the value of the IZEcoin.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss of value in IZEcoin after the release to a public exchange. We cannot be held responsible for loss of IZEcoin due to user error, such as hardware or software errors or malfunctions. Always back-up your wallets.


IZEcoin is the payment crypto currency coin for our EcoSystem, and it could be the coin for your systems too.

Thinking Crypto? Think IZEcoin!

The 21st Century has brought our world many amazing new concepts and experiences.

As human beings, we are developing new skills and expectations to keep pace with the ever-evolving environment in which we live.

Computer technology has changed the way we communicate, do business, shop and the way we conceptualize money. The online economy and “iconomy” continues to grow massively each day.

To serve this growing need, we have developed and continue to build a retail EcoSystem to serve communities all around the world. Using the worlds newly accepted money that is crypto currency, you will be able to shop with IZEcoin on our platforms.

Be sure to also get the FREE IZEcoin wallet at 247izewallet.com

Our eco-system currently consists of 24seven-global-business.com and Arena24seven.com. We are already populating these portals with products, but you could soon purchase everything from chocolates, holidays, shoes or pizza-delivery, and anything in between.

When we have achieved 40000 Affiliates, we will be able to use IZE Coin to : Shop online , It’s our goal to develop a network of retailers in every country who will, by using our own WebWallet, accept the IZE coin crypto currency, for real goods and services.

You could buy a coffee in Copenhagen, get a haircut in New York, buy flowers in London or buy a shirt and shoes in Turkey.

Travel – Trading - Mining
Skill Games – Shoes – Clothes –Furniture
Discount Codes – Vouchers -Experiences
Internal buy and sell site
CBD oil - Electronics
And lots more…

We have an innovative yet simple approach to connecting IZEcoin with real customers and consumers. Having a stable IZEcoin and route to real trades for goods and services is essential. We know that entrepreneurs will speculate on the value of IZEcoin and may even use it as an asset to accumulate wealth. However, transactions for goods and services are achieved with real shops and businesses actually using the IZEcoin.

Our global network of Agents and Affiliates has already been set to that task of delivering our message and gaining retail agreements. When our network of Independent Affiliates develop the expected momentum, they will give another HUGE boost to the IZEcoin economy, as they will also enthusiastically promote and transact business in IZEcoin.

IZEcoin recently announce a BTC/IZE trading pair – find it here: BTC/IZE in STEX.

If you have a “corporate interest” in IZEcoin contact us at support@247ize.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is 247IZE?
Please read the “white paper” document
2Where can I buy and trade the 247IZE?
You can now trade 247IZE on StexExchange BTC market.
3What is the price in $ for 247IZE?
The price of 247IZE (Dollar or any other currency) is determined by market conditions and supply and demand of the coin. Market condition, such as the number of shops and business excepting the coin as payment, the growth of the 24seven-global-business eco-system and the number of wallets storing the coin. You can easily check the 247IZE price against Bitcoin on Stex 247IZE Market. You can also download the 247IZE price APP for your Android from the 247IZE Tools
4Can you guarantee profits from the value of the coin over time?
NO. Price always depends on the supply and demand. As the 247IZE administrators, we are not able to guarantee any profits or that the value of the coin will increase. We have no guarantee that our retail eco-system will affect the value of the coin.
5How many 247IZE are there?
247IZE (IZE) is a fast open-source cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain. The 247IZE has 64.000.000 pre-mined coins. Additionally 5% more 247IZE will be minted yearly.
6Who administers 247IZE?
247IZE is administered by the technical team at Genesis GG20 Ltd.
7Where can I use my 247IZE ?

We expect the 247IZE will be useable in thousands of shops around the world, and also on internet platforms owned by 24seven-global-business. There will over time, be cooperatives with other online stores and platforms.

Additionally we have built a multi-vendor platform Internal Buy and Sell Marketplace, which allows users to sell or auction their products, skills and produce for 247IZE .

We have also created a set of tools which help the merchants to accept 247IZE, you can find them here: 247IZE Tools

8Is 247IZE similar to other Cryptocurrencies?
Yes, it is similar to other coins. Only with one big difference, Genesis GG20 have not only created a coin, but also create an ecosystem for workability and usability of the coin.
9How much is the 247IZE transaction fee?
There is a transaction fee is 0.2% of the paying amount. This amount covers the administrative work of the sales force, who constantly bring new shops and online stores into the Buy-Again platform. There will be an additional transaction fee of 0.2% added to the coin to cover our green efforts.
10How do I contact the 247IZE administrator?
We only use a contact form and have a REAL person check. Otherwise it is open to abuse.

Wallet Downloads

Click the wallet link that most suits your needs. It is recommended that you do not keep all of your IZEcoin in just one wallet. For example, you may decide to keep some coin on a Windows PC and some in a Web Wallet. Your wallet is your responsibility. Keep all “private keys” and passwords safe as if you lose them they cannot be recovered and you loose access to all your coins.


Genesis GG20 Ltd BVI

IZEcoin is trademark and administered by:

Genesis GG20 Ltd